Eligibility for compensation for paid holidays is as follows:

Holiday pay is given only for the period of employment.

Employees on leave without pay for the full day before and the full day following a holiday shall receive no compensation for holidays during such leave.

An employee who is absent without proper authorization on the day before and/or the day following a holiday shall not receive compensation for such holiday. If an employee requests authorization for an absence that falls upon the day before and/or the day after a holiday and the employee is ineligible for compensation due to the absence, the college president or Chancellor may authorize the absence without pay.

An employee who elects to retire during a holiday period or other authorized College District closure is required to be in pay status the day before the holiday to be compensated for such holiday. Holiday pay is not authorized beyond the official retirement date of the employee.

Dallas College


LDU 2017.09

DATE ISSUED: 9/26/2017