Curriculum Development and Revision

All programs of College District colleges will be continually reappraised to ensure that the offered courses meet the needs of the community and the students. The Board encourages faculty involvement in the planning of course offerings and in the development of new techniques for meeting course objectives. The Chancellor and college presidents are authorized to establish detailed procedures for curriculum development.

Criteria for Course Creation

The Board may create adult education, evening college, or community service courses, whether credit or noncredit, when there is an apparent need for it in the community, when the course is primarily educational, when qualified instructors and funds are available, and when a minimum of 15 students are likely to enroll. Under unusual circumstances (e.g., acute community need, initiation of new programs) some latitude in class size will be allowed. A course may be discontinued when it ceases to meet these criteria.

Course Capacity

Course enrollment capacity (i.e., the total number of available seats) for all sections of a course shall be a consistent range across the colleges of the College District and determined in accordance with the following guidelines:

  1. Discipline, modality, and course;
  2. Evidence-based pedagogical recommendations; and
  3. Practical considerations, including public safety requirements, curricular requirements, instructional periods, equipment, and immediate faculty availability.

The minimum and maximum course enrollment for each course section shall be set by the designated administrator, in accordance with College District procedures. A course section for which enrollment is less than the minimum enrollment capacity shall be canceled. If enrollment in a course section exceeds the maximum enrollment allowed, a new course section shall be created in accordance with College District procedures.

Modifications or exceptions to established course enrollment capacity ranges or limitations shall be made in accordance with College District procedures.

Research and Development Programs

The Board encourages the research and development of creative and imaginative educational programs. The Chancellor shall request budget appropriations for research and development projects, both at the colleges and in the College District office, and shall develop procedures to fund and review the same.

Dallas College


LDU 2019.07

DATE ISSUED: 6/14/2019