Emergency Operations Plan

The Superintendent shall ensure updating of the District's emergency operations plan and ongoing staff training.

As required by law, the emergency operations plan shall include the District's procedures addressing:

  1. Reasonable security measures when District property is used as a polling place;
  2. Response to an active shooter emergency; and
  3. Access to campus buildings and materials necessary for a substitute teacher to carry out the duties of a District employee during an emergency or an emergency drill.

Each school shall have effective emergency procedures that can be implemented on short notice and that will ensure optimum safety for students and school personnel.

Superintendent's Authority

The Superintendent of Schools shall have the authority to dismiss school for a part of a day or for longer periods of time, if necessary, in case of unusual or emergency situations. In the event such actions require the alteration of the annual school calendar, the Superintendent of Schools shall prepare recommendations to the Board for approval of a revised annual calendar as soon as practicable.

Students Retained

During actual emergency conditions, students and faculty shall be retained at the school buildings unless otherwise directed by the Superintendent of Schools. Buses will not be made available for transportation until authorized by the Superintendent of Schools or designee, and Civil Defense vehicles, ambulances, firefighting units, police, and other authorized vehicles shall have priority in the vicinity of the school.

Evacuation Procedures

The Superintendent of Schools or designee shall design and implement a system to familiarize employees and students with evacuation procedures and shall ensure that evacuation diagrams are appropriately posted.

Fire Drills

Principals shall conduct the required fire drills each month and shall meet the specifications of the fire insurance division of the Texas Department of Insurance in teaching fire prevention in the required grades. All building personnel shall participate in the drills.

Emergency Preparedness Drills

Drills for emergency preparedness shall be held, as required by law, to provide experience for students and staff in mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery activities, as related to emergencies. Each facility shall conduct a minimum of two nonweather-related drills per semester. These drills shall consist of at least one evacuation-type drill and at least one drill per semester where students remain on site, such as: lockdown, shelter-in-place, reverse evacuation, and/or "drop, cover, and hold."

Weather Conditions

Each principal shall arrange to provide adequate supervision in the building for students arriving early or waiting late on rainy days or in bad weather.

Once the school day has commenced, the District shall hold the schools open all day regardless of weather. Only in extenuating circumstances, i.e., lack of heat, damage to the building, or the like, will consideration be given for early release of students/staff. This consideration will be made on an individual school basis and determined by the executive director or division chief. The safety, health, and well-being of the students will remain a priority. Cafeteria staff shall make every effort to serve the teachers and students present.

Extreme Inclement Weather

The Superintendent of Schools shall decide whether or not school will be held on extreme inclement weather days.

Decision to Close Schools

The Superintendent of Schools shall delegate members of the central staff and principals to conduct extensive research to determine whether or not it will be advisable or feasible to declare schools open when inclement weather is forecast or prevalent. Among the many agencies that assist the District in reaching a decision about opening or closing schools are the Weather Bureau, city sanitation division, transit company, utilities, and the like. Also involved in gathering data are various central staff personnel who drive on streets in their respective neighborhoods to decide if the streets are passable. The survey shall be conducted as early as feasible.


If the schools are to be closed, the Communications Department of the District shall notify the media so that students, their parents, and employees can make plans accordingly.

Schools and departments are encouraged to comply with the following recommendations:

  1. Organize a car pool.
  2. Establish a communications network so that all employees are informed as early as possible of the decision made.
  3. Require each employee to have a contingency plan.

Reporting for work

Absences during extreme inclement weather days shall be governed by DEC(LOCAL) and DEC(REGULATION).

All employees shall report to their respective assignments on time when the decision to open schools has been made.

Operational Procedures for Custodians

Detailed procedures for the firing of boilers and other required duties shall be on file in the maintenance office and each school. Procedures will vary from school to school because of the difference in equipment and facilities.

Bomb Threats

In the event of a bomb threat within a school, police and security dispatch shall be telephoned immediately.

If a bomb or other incendiary device is detected, emergency procedures shall be implemented.

Adoption or Last Amendment Date

This policy was last amended on January 28, 2021.

Dallas ISD


LDU 2021.05

DATE ISSUED: 2/3/2021