Note: For additional legal requirements applicable to purchases with federal funds, see CBB.

A highway, road, street, bridge, utility, water supply project, water plant, wastewater plant, water and wastewater distribution or conveyance facility, wharf, dock, airport runway or taxiway, drainage project, or related type of project associated with civil engineering construction; or

A building or structure that is incidental to a project that is primarily a civil engineering construction project.

Selecting a contracting method;

Giving public notice of the project;

Publishing contract selection criteria;

Making evaluations public after the contract is awarded; and

Providing for inspection, verification, and testing necessary for acceptance of the facility by the district.

Establishing Unit Prices

Specifying one or more published construction unit price books and the applicable divisions or line items; or

Providing a list of work items and requiring the offerors to propose one or more coefficients or multipliers to be applied to the price book or prepriced work items as the price proposal.

Advertising and Opening Proposals

Architect or Engineer

Awarding Contracts

A fixed-price, lump-sum contract based substantially on contractual unit pricing applied to estimated quantities; or

A unit price order based on the quantities and line items delivered.

Contract Term

Use of Contract

The solicitation for the job order contract and the contract specifically provide for use by other persons; or

The district enters into an interlocal agreement that provides otherwise.


DeSoto ISD



DATE ISSUED: 10/3/2013