It is the policy of the Board that renewal of contracts will not require Board approval unless material changes occur after the initial approval.

Material Changes

A "material change" is defined as the greater of $75,000 or an increase of 25 percent of the original not-to-exceed amount or subsequent increase approved by the Board, or any addition or deletion of the vendor(s) submitted when the initial approval was granted.

Reporting Requirement

The purchasing director will present a monthly report as an information item to the Board identifying each contract that was renewed with a value exceeding $75,000. The report will include the following components:

The contract number and description;

Board authorized not-to-exceed amount and the renewal amount; and

The difference between the Board authorized not-to-exceed amount and the renewal amount expressed in dollars and a percentage.

Garland ISD


LDU 2019.02

DATE ISSUED: 3/7/2019