Graduation Requirements

To graduate, a student must complete the courses required by the District in addition to those mandated by the state and complete 50 hours of community service in accordance with administrative regulations.

Out-of-District Courses

A maximum of 2 credits from out-of-district courses shall be used in fulfilling high school graduation requirements. A student requesting a college- or professional-level course that is not offered by the District, may request to have this limitation waived as long as the course meets state curriculum requirements for a TEA-approved course. [See EHDE(LOCAL)]

The following courses shall be taken by District-developed and -supported courses:

Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, English I, English II, English III, a fourth English credit, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, World Geography, World History, and U.S. History.

Foundation Program

The courses that satisfy District requirements under the foundation program, including courses for the state and District's distinguished levels of achievement and courses for endorsements offered by the District, shall be listed in appropriate District publications.

Without an Endorsement

The District requires completion of 2 credits in addition to the number mandated by the state for graduation under the foundation program without an endorsement. Graduation under the foundation program without an endorsement shall be permitted only as authorized under state law and rules.

With an Endorsement

The District requires the same number of credits as mandated by the state to graduate under the foundation program with an endorsement.

Distinguished Level of Achievement

The state Distinguished Level of Achievement requires successful completion of curriculum requirements for the foundation high school program and the curriculum requirements for at least one endorsement, including 4 credits in science and 4 credits in mathematics, including Algebra II.

To earn the District's Distinguished Level of Achievement, a student shall successfully complete Physics and at least three years of a language other than English in addition to the state requirements for the Distinguished Level of Achievement.

No Fine Arts Substitutions

The District shall not award state graduation credit in fine arts for participation in a community-based fine arts program.

Physical Education Substitutions

Activities and Courses

To the extent permitted by state rules, the District shall award state graduation credit in physical education for participation in approved activities and elective courses.

Private or Commercial Programs

The District shall award state graduation credit in physical education for appropriate private or commercially sponsored physical activity programs conducted either on or off campus, upon approval by the commissioner of education. [See also EHAC]

Highland Park ISD-Dallas County


LDU 2020.01

DATE ISSUED: 1/24/2020