Scope of Use

The District shall permit and encourage the use of designated District facilities in a manner that best serves the interest of the District community within the laws, rules, and regulations that govern the operation of a public independent school district.

Public school buildings, grounds, and equipment are financed and maintained solely for the purpose of promoting the education of students enrolled in the District. Other organizations may apply for use of designated District facilities for activities of an educational, civic, philanthropic, religious, social, or recreational nature as long as those activities do not conflict with District activities or this policy.

By adopting this policy and the accompanying regulation and exhibits, the District does not intend to create an open forum, a designated open forum, or a limited open forum.

Prohibited Uses

Use of District facilities shall be prohibited for the following uses:

Any use that is likely to damage school property or for any group that has previously damaged District property;

Activities that require temporary or permanent alteration of District property;

Activities or events sponsored in whole or in part by entities that sell or promote alcohol or tobacco;

Filming or photography of any kind, including movies, television shows, videos, commercials, documentaries, printed material, Web postings, social media images, or any other media by outside groups unless such filming or photography is related to a specific educational objective of the District and otherwise is permissible under this policy;

Activities that advocate imminent lawless or disruptive action or are likely to incite or produce such action;

Activities that are obscene, vulgar, or otherwise inappropriate for the age and maturity of the audience;

Activities that endanger the health or safety of students or participants;

Activities that promote illegal use of drugs or other illegal activities;

Activities involving prohibited or limited expression by policy GKDA(LOCAL); and

Activities that are inconsistent with or violate GKD(REGULATION).

Note: See the following policies for other information regarding facilities use:

Use by employee professional organizations: DGA

Use of facilities for school-sponsored and school-related activities: FM

Use by noncurriculum-related student groups: FNAB

Use by District-affiliated school-support organizations: GE

For-Profit Use

The District shall permit individuals and for-profit entities or organizations providing student enrichment activities for students of the District to use designated facilities when that use does not conflict with District activities or with this policy.


Requests for nonschool use of designated District facilities shall be considered on a first-come, first-served basis taking into account the priorities set forth in this policy. Reservations for facilities shall not be confirmed more than 90 days in advance except for ongoing programs.

Designated Facilities

The facilities designated for nonschool use shall be published in GKD(EXHIBIT). Facilities not listed in GKD(EXHIBIT) shall not be available for nonschool use.

Priority for scheduling the use of District facilities shall be in the following order, with Category A given the highest priority and Category D the lowest:


Category A

District-associated groups. Meetings and other activities of school-support groups organized for the sole purpose of supporting the school or school-sponsored activities.

Examples: PTA, Dads' Club, pre-school associations, Sports Club, booster clubs, the Highland Park Educational Foundation, meetings of employee organizations, and District sports camps. [See DGA]

Category B

Non-District-associated groups focused on activities for school-aged children. [See GE]

Examples: Boy Scouts - special events, Girl Scouts - special events, YMCA, AAU, BCI, BBI, Lone Star League, lacrosse, and flag football.

Category C

Other non-District groups. Educational institutions, governmental entities, nonprofit organizations, community civic, service, welfare, recreational, and religious organizations, and District residents.

Examples: SMU, book clubs, the City of University Park, the Town of Highland Park, and Rotary Club.

Category D

For-profit groups. For-profit groups and any other groups or individuals not in categories A–C.

Examples: Non-District sports camps, tutors, and dance recitals.

Approval of Use

All requests for nonschool use of District facilities shall be initiated with the business services office.

The campus principal is authorized to approve use of facilities for requests from categories A–C, with the exception of athletic facilities at Highland Park High School, which shall require approval from the appropriate athletic director. The Superintendent or designee is authorized to approve requests from category D.


No approval is required for nonschool, not-for-profit recreational use of the District's unlocked outdoor recreational facilities such as the track, playgrounds, and tennis courts when the facilities are not in use by the District or for a scheduled nonschool purpose.


The Superintendent shall have the authority to cancel any use of District facilities granted under this policy if the nonschool activities conflict with District usage.

Emergency Use

In case of emergencies or disasters, the Superintendent or designee may authorize the use of school facilities by civil defense, health, emergency service authorities, or others responding to the emergency or disaster.

Use Agreement

Any person or entity approved for a nonschool use of designated District facilities shall be required to execute a lease agreement agreeing to abide by all policies and regulations applicable to the proposed use. [See GKD(REGULATION) and GKD(EXHIBIT)]

Fees for Use

The District shall charge for the use of its facilities for nonschool purposes as published in GKD(EXHIBIT). Fees shall be based on the cost of the physical operation of the facilities, as well as any personnel costs for supervision, custodial services, food services, security, and technology services.

The Superintendent or designee shall establish and publish a schedule of fees based on the cost of the physical operation of the facilities, as well as any applicable personnel costs for supervision, custodial services, food services, security, and technology services.


Fees shall not be charged when school buildings are used for public meetings sponsored by state or local governmental agencies.

Highland Park ISD-Dallas County


LDU 2011.10

DATE ISSUED: 9/30/2011