Planning and Decision-Making Committee

A Campus Improvement Committee (CIC) shall be established on each campus and is designated as the campus-level planning and decision-making committee for the campus.


The campus-level committee exists for the purpose of assisting the campus principal in directing and supporting the improvement of student performance for all students, addressing the areas of goal-setting, curriculum, budget, staffing patterns, staff development, and school organization. The committee must approve campus plans for staff development.


The membership of the CIC consists of the campus principal, elected professional staff representatives of which two-thirds must be classroom teachers, one appointed District-level professional staff member, four parents, two community members, and two business representatives. The CIC at the high school shall also include two students.

The maximum number of CIC members shall not exceed 15 at the elementary and middle school levels and 17 at the high school level.


"Classroom teacher" means a certified teacher in a regular or special classroom teaching assignment at the campus.

"Parent" means a person who is not a District employee and who is a parent or stands in parental relation to a student enrolled at the campus.

"Community representative" means an adult at least 18 years of age residing in the District who is neither a parent of a student enrolled at the campus, nor a District employee.

"Business representative" means an adult who is not a District employee who is employed in business regardless of place of personal residence or the location of the business.

"Student" means a student currently enrolled on a District campus.

"District employee" means a person employed in a full- or part-time capacity by the District.

"Professional staff" means a person employed by the District on a professional term contract.

Election of Professional Staff Representatives

The existing members of the CIC shall solicit nominations from staff for the professional staff vacancies. The professional staff of the campus shall nominate and elect the professional staff representatives who shall serve on the campus-level committees.

The professional staff of the campus shall elect four classroom teachers to the CIC, with two teachers standing for election each spring prior to the close of school.

One District-level nonteaching professional staff member shall be appointed by the District to serve on the CIC in the fall of each year.

Selection of Parents, Community Representatives, Business Representatives, and Students

The CIC shall solicit nominations from staff, parents, and community members. At the high school level, the principal and the four elected teachers shall select two students to serve on the CIC.

Term of Service

The campus principal serves continuously as a member of the CIC. The four teachers and the four parents selected to the CIC shall serve two-year, staggered terms. The community members and business representatives selected for the minimum committee shall be selected annually. Students shall be selected annually for the committee at the high school level.

Chairperson and Secretary

The CIC shall elect a chairperson and a recording secretary from among the committee members at the first meeting of the full committee each school year.

Involuntary Resignation

The CIC shall select an appropriate person as identified under MEMBERSHIP, above, to complete the term vacated by a parent, community representative, business representative, or student. A replacement for the classroom teacher position, if vacated, shall be elected by the professional staff of the campus to complete the term.


Each CIC shall be required to hold at least six meetings per year. The meetings shall focus on campus goals and objectives, curriculum, campus budget, campus staffing patterns, campus staff development, campus organization, and dropout prevention (middle and high school campuses).

Each CIC shall hold one public meeting per year. The required public meeting shall be held after receipt of the annual campus rating to discuss the performance of the campus and the campus performance objectives.


A majority of the CIC members shall constitute the necessary quorum to conduct business of the committee. A majority of the quorum may act for the CIC.


Campus procedures shall be established to ensure that systematic communication measures are in place to periodically obtain broad-based community, parent, and staff input, and to provide information to those persons regarding the recommendations of the campus-level committees.

Campus Improvement Plan

Each school year, the CIC shall assist the campus principal with the development, review, and revision of the campus improvement plan.


Each year, the campus shall provide appropriate training for new and returning CIC members.

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LDU 2016.05

DATE ISSUED: 9/15/2016