Security Procedures

The Superintendent shall develop and implement procedures designed to ensure the safety and security of school property and the protection of students, personnel, and visitors. Safety and security shall include the maintenance of a safe building, protection from fire hazards and faulty equipment, and safe practices in the use and maintenance of District property.

Student Cooperation

Students are expected to cooperate in the care of buildings and equipment. Teachers and principals shall ensure that buildings and furniture are not abused. Students who damage buildings or equipment may be disciplined and required to pay for the damages that result.

Surveillance Cameras

For the purpose of promoting the safety and security of students, employees, and visitors, as well as for the protection of District property and for the purpose of deterrence, surveillance cameras may be installed and operated in the common areas of District facilities, around the perimeter of District facilities, in parking lots and grounds, in cafeterias, and on District-owned or -leased buses, subject to the following provisions:

Surveillance cameras shall not be placed in a manner to observe, tape, or film the inside of restrooms, locker rooms, teacher workrooms, or other locations or areas where students, employees, or authorized persons would have a reasonable expectation of privacy.

Surveillance cameras and/or camera housings shall be visible to an observer unless otherwise expressly authorized by the Superintendent or a specified designee.

Concealed or hidden surveillance cameras or similar equipment (fixed, portable, or otherwise) shall not be placed in classrooms or private offices without the written authorization of the Superintendent or a specified designee.


Employees, students, parents, and authorized persons shall be notified in a manner that conveys actual notice regarding the use of surveillance cameras on school campuses, in District facilities, and on school buses. Highly visible signs stating that employees, students, and other persons are subject to being recorded or filmed by surveillance cameras or equipment shall be posted in or on buildings, facilities, and school buses where the activity may occur.

Use of Recordings

Recordings shall be monitored and viewed by campus principals or others under their direct control. Surveillance cameras located at other school facilities may be monitored and recordings viewed by the designated school official responsible for the facility, by the school resource officer, and by security personnel as directed by the director of school safety and operations. During nonbusiness hours, the surveillance cameras and recordings may be monitored and viewed by the District's security personnel as directed by the director of school safety and operations.

Access to Recordings

Monitoring and viewing of the camera tapes or digital images captured by the surveillance cameras shall be limited to District personnel having a legitimate educational interest in order to take corrective or preventive action. The camera tapes or digital images may be made available for viewing by nonschool District persons only upon appropriate written request and subject to applicable federal and state statutes or other legal authority. However, the tapes and images shall be viewed in the presence of District personnel as may be designated by the Superintendent or a specified designee. School resource officers under contract with the District may monitor surveillance cameras as a routine part of their daily duties.

The surveillance camera tapes or digital images captured by the surveillance cameras on which District students are depicted may constitute "student records" as defined by the Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Therefore, access to or viewing of the tapes or digital images is governed by FERPA, Chapter 552 Government Code (the Public Information Act) and Chapter 26 Education Code. [See also FL(LOCAL)] Should the school resource officer or other law enforcement official require a copy of captured digital images of students, a subpoena must be provided by the agency to the director of school safety and operations. A copy shall then be provided to the agency by the security department. At no time shall the school resource officer be given the technology to make copies of digital images.

Destruction of Tapes / Images

The surveillance camera tapes or digital images constitute a "local government record" as defined by the Texas Local Government Records Act (the "Act") and policy CPC(LOCAL). Retention and destruction of the surveillance tape or digital images shall be governed by the District's records management plan and in accordance with the Act and policy CPC(LOCAL). [See also CPC(LEGAL)]

Irving ISD


LDU 2013.04

DATE ISSUED: 10/25/2013