Offenses to Property

Individuals shall not vandalize or otherwise damage or deface any property, including furniture and other equipment, belonging to or rented by the District or by District schools. Parents or guardians of students guilty of damaging school property shall be liable for damages in accordance with law. All individuals are subject to the provisions of state law.

Disciplinary action shall depend upon a careful assessment of all circumstances, including the nature and severity of the offense.

Employees shall report to the principal incidents of vandalism and, if known, the names of those responsible.

Principals, teachers, and employees shall be directly responsible for all assigned buildings, rooms, equipment, and materials.


Students shall be responsible for the care and return of state-owned textbooks, library books, and instructional resources and may be charged for them when such items are lost or damaged. [See FP and CMD]

Liability for Technology Devices

If the student-issued technology device is lost because of a negligent or deliberate action, the parents or guardians are responsible for the entire replacement costs. The maximum amount of liability shall be based on the District's current replacement costs or replacement plus reasonable attorney fees if the unpaid amount is processed for collection. If the student-issued technology device is not timely returned, is damaged, lost, or stolen, parents or guardians are responsible for the reasonable cost of repair or the replacement value on the date of the loss.

Irving ISD



DATE ISSUED: 2/28/2005