Approval of Fees

The Superintendent or designee shall establish and annually review student fees, dues, and security deposits as authorized by the Education Code. Tuition fees for course credit (i.e., summer school, night school, on-line courses) and other courses/lessons/ summer camps (i.e., private music lessons, SAT preparation, drivers education, athletic camps) authorized by the District shall be brought to the Board for approval.

Waiver of Fees

The District will consider waiver of a fee, a reduced fee, and/or a payment plan for a fee for economically disadvantaged students and temporary hardship situations. Economically disadvantaged is defined as meeting the federal guidelines for free or reduced price meals. Temporary hardship situations shall be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, but in general are related to catastrophic health issues, loss of employment, or loss of home. Such student and his or her parent or guardian must present evidence of their inability to pay to the appropriate principal who shall determine eligibility for a fee waiver.

Irving ISD



DATE ISSUED: 6/10/2002