The Board and District officials recognize the role of the news media in informing the public about the District's educational programs, facilities, and fiscal affairs. For that reason, District officials shall cooperate with news media to the extent that it does not distract from the educational process, safety of students and staff, and/or the business of the District.


The Superintendent is the official spokesperson for the District. When designated by the Superintendent, that role may be directed to the director of communications. Other administrators may serve as content experts or content spokespersons when requested by the Superintendent or communications department to respond to inquiries related to their area of responsibilities.

The Board President is the official spokesperson for the Board.

News Releases

News releases, alerts, and/or advisories shall be made by the director of communications or designee.

Communications During a Crisis

In any crisis situation affecting the District or an individual campus, the Superintendent or designee shall be the official District spokesperson and shall be responsible for all communication with the news media.

Irving ISD


LDU 2013.04

DATE ISSUED: 10/25/2013