General Principles

All District employees shall be periodically appraised in the performance of their duties. The District's employee evaluation and appraisal system shall be administered consistent with the general principles set out below.


The objectives sought through the evaluation process include:

Improvement of the instructional program or area of operation;

Establishment of a cooperative process for determining job goals and objectives;

Use of diagnostic observation and evaluation instruments that focus on employee improvement;

Encouragement of self-appraisal and the need for continuous professional growth;

Development of positive attitudes toward the evaluation program;

Establishment of documented performance as a decision base for personnel actions;

Increased accountability.


The purpose of evaluation includes:

Bringing about an improvement of the instructional program through improved professional performance;

Providing relevant data for decisions concerning selection, contract status, and job assignment; and

Providing a system for recognizing and rewarding superior service.

Performance Review

Evaluation and appraisal ratings shall be based on the evaluation instrument and cumulative performance data gathered by supervisors throughout the year. Each employee shall have at least one evaluative conference annually, except as otherwise provided by policy, to discuss the written evaluation and may have as many conferences about performance of duties as the supervisor deems necessary. [See also DNA and DNB]

Documentation and Records

Appraisal records and forms, reports, correspondence, and memoranda may be placed in each employee's personnel records to document performance.

Employee Copy

All employees shall receive a copy of their annual written evaluation.


Employees may present complaints regarding the evaluation and appraisal process in accordance with the District's complaint policy for employees. [See DGBA(LEGAL) and (LOCAL)]

Richardson ISD



DATE ISSUED: 6/4/2007