Note: This local policy has been revised in accordance with the District's innovation plan.


The District shall appraise classroom teachers annually using the Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System (T-TESS) in accordance with applicable law and administrative regulations.

The Board shall approve a list of certified appraisers who can appraise a classroom teacher in place of the teacher's supervisor.

The District shall develop an annual appraisal calendar for teachers.

Appraisal Process

The District of Innovation Plan that the Board of Trustees approved on January 9, 2017, authorizes an appraiser to conduct a required 45-minute minimum classroom observation in two or more shortened periods that equal no less than a total of 45 minutes without written agreement from the educator if, in the appraiser's determination, the teacher's instructional assignment does not allow for a meaningful single observation of 45 minutes. [See T-TESS Guidelines, District of Innovation Plan]

Other Teachers

Other teachers shall be appraised each year by an alternate District-approved appraisal instrument.

Employment Decisions

When relevant to the decision, written evaluations of a teacher's performance, as documented to date, and any other information the administration determines to be appropriate shall be considered in decisions affecting contract status.

For teachers, evaluative information shall include at least the District's approved appraisal system to date and any additional applicable documentation.

Richardson ISD


LDU 2018.03

DATE ISSUED: 3/29/2018