Grades 7–12

All students in grades 7–12 shall be required to attend school full-time and to enroll in and attend a full schedule of approved courses as determined by the student's campus unless an exception identified below applies to the student's enrollment.



Senior students shall be required to enroll in and attend a full schedule of at least six approved courses unless the student attends Berkner High School. Senior students who attend Berkner High School shall be required to enroll in and attend at least seven approved courses.

Abbreviated Schedule

In special circumstances, on a case-by-case basis, the principal shall consider an individual student's need for an abbreviated schedule. Nothing herein shall prohibit a student's admission, review, and dismissal (ARD) or Section 504 committee from recommending an abbreviated schedule as a reasonable accommodation for a student with a disability.

Criteria for an Abbreviated Schedule

Criteria to be considered prior to principal approval of any individual student's schedule of less than seven courses (or eight courses at Berkner High School) in grades 7-11 shall include:

Factors related to a student's physical or emotional condition that require an abbreviated schedule;

The student's enrollment in the Memorial Park Academy;

Evidence that an abbreviated schedule will help prevent an enrolled student from dropping out of school; and/or

Other relevant factors related to the student's enrollment or personal circumstances.

In no case may a student attend less than two class periods per day.

Additional Requirements

Students who fail to abide by all of the provisions and conditions of the late arrival/early release or abbreviated schedule shall be enrolled in a full schedule of classes.

Prior to granting permission for an abbreviated schedule, the campus principal should encourage the student and parent to consider the effect that an abbreviated schedule may have on any matters related to University Interscholastic League (UIL), National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), scholarship, college admission, District honors/awards, promotion/retention, and other attendance or course enrollment requirements.

The Superintendent shall develop administrative regulations to provide guidance for the implementation of this policy. See also RISD Program of Studies.

Dropping and Adding Courses

Students may drop courses or change their schedules in accordance with this policy and applicable administrative guidelines. The principal shall inform all students of deadlines and requirements for dropping courses or changing schedules at the beginning of each school year or upon enrollment for new students.

Richardson ISD


LDU 2019.03

DATE ISSUED: 7/16/2019