Other Distance Learning

Prior Approval

The Superintendent or designee shall establish and publish guidelines governing the use of correspondence courses and distance learning courses as a means of earning graduation credit. Prior to enrollment in correspondence courses or distance learning courses, students shall make written request to the principal or designee for approval to enroll in the courses. If approval is not granted prior to enrollment, the student shall not be awarded credit toward graduation.


All secondary students shall be eligible to take correspondence courses and/or distance learning courses and earn credit toward graduation.

Grades earned in correspondence courses and distance learning courses, including Texas Virtual School Network (TxVSN) courses, shall not be used in computing class rankings, grade point averages, and District graduation honors. [See EIC]


Students may earn a maximum of two state-required credits through correspondence and/or distance learning courses and may be enrolled in only one correspondence or distance learning course at a time. These limitations shall not apply to enrollment in courses through TxVSN.

Graduating Seniors

Senior students who are enrolled in distance learning courses to earn credit for graduation shall complete the courses and submit the grades prior to the graduation date.

Special Circumstances

The Superintendent or designee may exercise discretion in approving the number of correspondence course credits or distance learning course credits or waiving the above requirements in special circumstances.

Texas Virtual School Network

The Superintendent or designee shall establish procedures for students to enroll in courses provided by the TxVSN.

Enrollment in courses through the TxVSN shall not be subject to limitations the District may impose for other distance learning courses.

Richardson ISD


LDU 2011.02

DATE ISSUED: 10/6/2011