Nonresident students shall not be permitted to attend District schools except as provided below.


Students seeking an interdistrict transfer who qualify for one of the exceptions included herein must complete a nonresident student transfer application form when an interdistrict transfer is first requested, when the student changes campuses, and at any time the student's and/or parents' residence changes. Students must also provide any additional information required by the District.

Change in Residence

Resident students who become nonresidents during the course of a school year may be permitted to continue in attendance tuition-free under the terms of a transfer agreement.

Student Moving Out of the District

A senior student who becomes ineligible for tuition-free attendance at the end of his or her junior year or during the senior year may be permitted to continue in attendance tuition-free throughout the senior year under the terms of a transfer agreement provided the student has not already enrolled in another school district. This "senior privilege" shall not be extended beyond one school year.

Student Moving into the District

A student residing outside the District, upon written approval of the Superintendent or designee, may be enrolled in the District at the beginning of a semester provided the following qualifications are met:

The student's parent or legal guardian has signed a contract for the purchase of a home within the boundaries of the District that will be completed or occupied within 90 days of enrollment;

The parent or legal guardian provides a certified copy of the contract, loan documents, bill of sale, or other appropriate documentation;

The parent or legal guardian agrees to provide needed transportation; and

Academic, disciplinary, and attendance records are satisfactory.

Children of Nonresident Employees

A nonresident full-time employee may request that his or her child be admitted into District schools by filing an application with the Superintendent or designee. Transfers shall be granted on a tuition-free basis, for as long as the employee continues to be employed by the District, subject to this policy and provisions of the applicable guidelines. Upon a parent's or guardian's separation from employment from the District for any reason, the transfer shall be revoked.

Full-time employees may request transfer status for their children immediately upon employment. Application time lines and placement of children of nonresident employees shall be in accordance with administrative guidelines.

Factors to Be Considered

In approving transfers and making campus assignments, the Superintendent or designee shall consider availability of space and instructional staff and the student's disciplinary history and attendance records.

Transfer Agreements

As a condition of granting a transfer request, a transfer student shall be notified in writing that he or she shall follow all rules and regulations of the District and that violations shall result in disciplinary consequences, which may include denial of further transfer privileges.

Out-of-District Transfers

The District shall assume no responsibility for tuition required of students transferring out of the District.


The District shall accept no responsibility for transportation for transfer students, except as provided by statute or policy.


Any appeals shall be made in accordance with FNG(LOCAL) and GF(LOCAL), as appropriate.

Richardson ISD


LDU 2015.01

DATE ISSUED: 1/27/2015