For purposes of this policy, "distribution" means the circulation of more than ten printed copies of material from a source other than the District.

The District's classrooms during the school day are provided for the limited purpose of delivering instruction to students in the courses and subjects in which they are enrolled. Hallways in school buildings are provided for the limited purpose of facilitating the movement of students between classes and allowing access to assigned lockers. Classrooms and hallways shall not be used for the distribution of any materials over which the school does not exercise control.

Each school campus shall designate an area where materials that have been approved for distribution by students in accordance with this policy may be made available or distributed. Campus principals may develop reasonable time, place, and manner restrictions regarding the distribution of materials at designated areas.

Prior Review

All written material over which the school does not exercise control and that is intended for distribution to students shall be submitted to the building principal or designee for prior review according to the following procedures:

  1. In order to be considered for distribution, materials shall include the name of the organization or individual sponsoring the distribution and a statement that the event or activity is not endorsed or sponsored by the District.
  2. Using the standards below at Limitations on Content, the principal or designee shall approve or reject submitted material within two school days of the time the material is received.
  3. The student may appeal the principal's decision in accordance with FNG(LOCAL), beginning at Level Two.

Students who fail to follow these procedures may be disciplined in accordance with the FO series and the Student Code of Conduct.

Limitations on Content

Nonschool materials shall not be distributed if:

  1. The materials are obscene, vulgar, or otherwise inappropriate for the age and maturity of the audience.
  2. The materials endorse actions endangering the health or safety of students.
  3. The distribution of such materials would violate the intellectual property rights, privacy rights, or other rights of another person.
  4. The materials contain defamatory statements about public figures or others.
  5. The materials criticize Board members or school officials or advocate violation of school rules and fall within the standard described at Limitations on Expression at FNAA(LEGAL).
  6. The materials advocate imminent lawless or disruptive action and are likely to incite or produce such action.
  7. The materials include hate literature that scurrilously attacks ethnic, religious, or racial groups, and similar publications aimed at creating hostility and violence if they fall within the standard described at Limitations on Expression at FNAA(LEGAL).

For distribution of nonschool literature by nonstudents, see GKD.

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DATE ISSUED: 1/27/2003