A student shall be assigned to a school in the attendance area in which he or she resides.

Class Changes

The campus principal shall be authorized to investigate and approve the transfer of a student from one classroom to another on that campus.

Transfers Between Schools

High Schools

A student shall be permitted to transfer from one District high school to another District high school during the designated transfer window, space permitting. The Superintendent shall establish the transfer procedures.

Elementary and Middle Schools

The Superintendent or designee shall be authorized to investigate and approve transfers between elementary and middle schools under the following guidelines:

  1. The District shall annually communicate the dates for accepting transfer requests.
  2. Applications for transfers shall be considered on a space-available basis.
  3. In approving a transfer request, the student's attendance and citizenship records shall be considered.
  4. A student who is a resident of the District shall have priority over a student who requests an interdistrict transfer from another district. [See FDA]
  5. A District employee, an employee with the District's transportation provider, or an employee with the District's custodial services provider may request that his or her child be transferred to the school in which he or she works or to a District campus that is geographically close to the work assignment. If the work assignment changes, however, the student must remain in the assigned school through the end of the school year. However, a child who is serving a suspension or expulsion from the sending campus shall not be eligible for a transfer.
  6. The employee must arrange for before- and/or after-school care, since the child shall not be permitted to wait at the work station or in the employee's classroom during this time.
  7. Transfers shall be limited by the maximum enrollment levels appropriate for the administration of an effective and efficient educational program.
  8. An approved transfer remains in effect for the entire school year, except under the revocation conditions noted below.
  9. Grounds for immediate revocation of a transfer agreement shall include:
    1. A student's failure to be punctual; maintain good attendance; adhere to school rules, requests, and policies; maintain acceptable academic progress; or exemplify acceptable citizenship and conduct.
    2. Over-crowded conditions.
    3. Termination of a District employee whose child was granted a transfer based on the employee's work assignment.
  10. The District shall not provide transportation for intradistrict transfer students.

Note:For the transfer of a student who is the victim of bullying or who engaged in bullying, see FDB(LEGAL). For the transfer of a student who attends a persistently dangerous school, becomes a victim of a violent criminal offense, or becomes a victim of sexual assault, see FDE.

Coppell ISD


LDU 2020.02

DATE ISSUED: 5/22/2020