Emergency Operations Plan

The Superintendent shall ensure updating of the District's emergency operations plan and ongoing staff training.

As required by law, the emergency operations plan shall include the District's procedures addressing:

  1. Reasonable security measures when District property is used as a polling place;
  2. Response to an active shooter emergency; and
  3. Access to campus buildings and materials necessary for a substitute teacher to carry out the duties of a District employee during an emergency or an emergency drill.



Recognizing that a delay in the response from emergency first responders, including law enforcement personnel, in an emergency situation may have devastating consequences, the Board adopts these provisions regarding firearms to address concerns about effective and timely response to emergency situations at schools, including: invasion of the schools by an armed outsider, hostage situations, students who are armed and pose a direct threat of physical harm to themselves or others, and similar circumstances.


Pursuant to its authority under state law, the Board may, from time to time, authorize specific school employees to possess certain firearms on school property, including a District-owned vehicle, at school-sponsored or school-sanctioned events, and at Board meetings.

Each specifically authorized employee shall be approved by action of the Board through a Board resolution. Following Board action, the Superintendent or designee shall issue written certification to each approved employee in accordance with the terms of the resolution. In a circumstance wherein the Superintendent is the authorized employee, the Board President shall issue the written certification in accordance with the terms of the Board resolution.

The names of the employees authorized to possess firearms on District premises or at school-related events shall be kept confidential to the extent permissible by law.

The authorization for a specific employee to possess a firearm under this policy shall be automatically revoked if the employee is placed on administrative leave or separates from employment with the District, regardless of the reason. In addition, the Superintendent, at his or her sole discretion, shall have the authority to revoke or suspend, at any time, a specific employee's authorization to possess a firearm under this policy.

Employee participation in the program set forth in this policy shall be strictly voluntary and shall not be a requirement for any position of employment with the District.

Handgun Licensees

Only those District employees who have obtained and maintain a current handgun license, in accordance with state law, and who have been authorized by the Board via Board resolution, obtained written certification from the Superintendent or designee to carry a handgun, and completed the additional training and testing requirements as set forth in CKC(REGULATION), are eligible to be authorized to possess a firearm on any District premises.

A District employee who is a handgun license holder but who has not been specifically authorized by Board action under this policy shall not be permitted to possess a firearm on school property, except in accordance with the limited provisions of DH(LOCAL).

For purposes of this policy, "premises" has the same meaning as in state law.


Any school employee eligible and authorized to possess a firearm on school premises shall be required to annually qualify as to his or her shooting ability and attend other training as mandated by the Texas Education Code, any other applicable federal or state statute, and as the Board or designee determines necessary or appropriate.

Permitted Ammunition

Only frangible ammunition designed to reduce ricochet hazard, if commercially available, shall be permitted in firearms authorized to be on school property.

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DATE ISSUED: 10/25/2019