Dual Usage Educational Complex

Instructional or Athletic Facility

College Courses in District Facilities

District Courses on Higher Education Campus

Instructional Partnerships with Community College Districts

Award of High School Credit (see HIGH SCHOOL CREDIT-ONLY COURSES, below).

Award of Dual Course Credit (see DUAL CREDIT COURSES, below).

Tech-Prep Programs.

Remedial or Developmental Instruction (see REMEDIAL PROGRAMS, below).

College Preparatory Programs for High School Students. College prep courses are locally developed through a memorandum of understanding created between school districts and public two-year colleges.

19 TAC 9.143, .146


Student eligibility requirements.

Faculty qualifications.

Location and student composition of classes.

Provision of student learning and support services.

Eligible courses.

Grading criteria.

Transcripting of credit.

Funding provisions.

19 TAC 9.144

High School Credit-Only Courses

Dual Credit Courses

Remedial Programs

Dropout Recovery Program

Student Eligibility

Is under 26 years of age;

Must complete not more than three course credits to complete the curriculum requirements for the foundation high school program, as appropriate, for high school graduation; or

Has failed to perform satisfactorily on an end-of-course assessment instrument under Education Code 39.023(c), or an assessment instrument under Education Code 39.023(c) as that section existed before 2007. [See EKB]

Education Code 29.402(b)


Plan to Increase Higher Education Enrollment

Affected District

During the preceding five years, have had an average of at least 26 students in the high school graduating class; and

For any two consecutive years during the preceding five years, have been among the lowest ten percent of high schools in this state in the percentage of students graduating and enrolling for the following academic year in an institution.

Education Code 29.904(a)

Time Line

Eastland ISD



DATE ISSUED: 10/8/2015