As a member of the Board, I shall promote the best interests of the District as a whole and, to that end, shall adhere to the following ethical standards:

Equity In Attitude

I will be fair, just, and impartial in all my decisions and actions.

I will accord others the respect I wish for myself.

I will encourage expressions of different opinions and listen with an open mind to others' ideas.

I will not take things personally.

Trustworthiness In Stewardship

I will be accountable to the public by representing District policies, programs, priorities, and progress accurately.

I will be responsive to the community by seeking its involvement in District affairs and by communicating its priorities and concerns.

I will work to ensure prudent and accountable use of District resources.

I will make no personal promise or take private action that may compromise my performance or my responsibilities.

I will keep all confidential information shared by the Superintendent private and not disclose it to a third party.

I will communicate complaints/concerns to the Superintendent in a respectful manner.

Honor In Conduct

I will tell the truth.

I will share my views while working for consensus.

I will respect the majority decision as the decision of the Board.

I will base my decisions on fact rather than supposition, opinion, or public favor.

I will express my thoughts and decisions in a professional manner.

I will listen to all Board members' thoughts/opinions.

Integrity Of Character

I will refuse to surrender judgment to any individual or group at the expense of the District as a whole.

I will consistently uphold all applicable laws, rules, policies, and governance procedures.

I will not disclose information that is confidential by law or that will needlessly harm the District if disclosed.

I will uphold the District's reputation through my actions, words, and decisions.

I will not use my position for professional/personal gain or profit.

CommitmentTo Service

I will focus my attention on fulfilling the Board's responsibilities of goal setting, policymaking, and evaluation.

I will diligently prepare for and attend Board meetings.

I will avoid personal involvement in activities the Board has delegated to the Superintendent.

I will seek continuing education that will enhance my ability to fulfill my duties effectively.

Student-Centered Focus

Most importantly, I will be continuously guided by what is best for all students of the District.

Clint ISD



DATE ISSUED: 10/2/2006