Bus Routes

School bus routes will be planned to consider:

  1. Student population density;
  2. Bus capacity;
  3. Traffic routes, including hazardous traffic areas;
  4. Economy and efficiency of operation;
  5. Location of authorized bus stops;
  6. Condition of roads and bridges;
  7. Student travel time;
  8. Transportation of eligible students; and
  9. Transportation of ineligible students, when authorized by the Superintendent or designee.

A schedule of bus routes will be published and made available to all schools through the transportation department routing program by means of the District's Web site. The schools will distribute copies of the routes to students and parents no later than the first week of instruction of every school year.

Bus routes may change throughout the school year. The Superintendent or designee will promptly inform students and parents of subsequent schedule changes.

Bus Stops

All students who use District transportation will board buses at authorized stops. Authorized bus stops will be designated annually by the Superintendent or designee. Bus drivers will load and unload passengers only at their designated authorized stops.

Use of Private Vehicle

Use of private vehicles by District employees to transport students is prohibited. A District vehicle must be used to transport students for official District business. In an emergency situation and with the approval of the campus administration, a District vehicle may be used by District security or a District attendance officer to transport a student.

Activity Bus

Guidelines and Procedures

Requests for out of town varsity events or other out of town trips must reach the transportation department with a processed and approved trip request form ten workdays prior to the event. The trip request must identify the sponsor, coach or administrator in charge for consideration of requests of directions given to the operator. Each stop requested for the trip must be approved in advance.

The transportation office will decide routes to be used as appropriate for traffic pattern and drop-off areas. Transportation in conjunction with the sponsor shall determine the departure time according to the actual driving time needed in conjunction with road conditions.

At the time of scheduling, the user will provide a funding source to be used to cover the activity bus expenses. Current rates charged per mile and the operator(s) expenses for food and lodging must be considered by the athletic director or the sponsor of the event.

Group sponsors are in charge of student behavior on these out-of-town trips. Eating on the activity bus will be allowed only on special trips when supervised by coaches or sponsors. Glass containers are prohibited for safety reasons. Only plastic, spill-proof containers will be allowed.

The sponsors will be responsible for removing all trash and returning the vehicle to a clean condition.

Non-District Passengers

Non-District passengers must obtain an approved parental release prior to the event and the approved form must be on file with the campus administration. Approval will not be granted for trips, day or overnight, to a non-District participant who has not had an authorized District background check or does not meet the District's parent-volunteer criteria. A copy of the approved volunteer form must be filed with campus administration.

Trips Funded by Fundraiser

All participants in non-UIL or competitions by invitation that are financed by fundraisers will be required to charter buses or provide their own mode of transportation to the site.


The activity bus may be used for events representative of our District and for post-district events in town or out of town not qualified otherwise through the approval of the director of transportation and the athletic director. Any other exception will be considered on a case-by-case basis. In the event that more than one group schedules an out-of-town trip, consideration will first be given to the varsity group, then to the group traveling the farthest.

Clint ISD


LDU 2018.06

DATE ISSUED: 4/23/2018