Note: This document aligns with the appraisal practices recommended by TEA for the Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System (T-TESS) as described at the TEA site, https://teachfortexas.org.

Teacher Appraisal System

T-TESS is a process that seeks to develop habits of continuous improvement with evidence-based feedback and professional development decisions based on that feedback through ongoing dialogue and collaboration.

Components of the appraisal process, such as classroom observations and walk-throughs, will be conducted as frequently as necessary to ensure that teachers receive appropriate guidance.

Self-Assessment and Goal Setting

The teacher self-assessment, goal setting, and professional development processes are all interwoven and applied throughout the school year to positively impact each teacher's professional practices and ultimately increase student performance.

Each teacher will review data and reflect on his or her professional practice, including reviewing the domains, dimensions, and descriptors of the T-TESS rubric.

A teacher who is new to the District or who is in the first year of the appraisal process will receive an orientation and will be guided through the self-assessment and goal-setting process to establish a professional development plan. Within six weeks of completing the orientation, a teacher who is new to the District or who is in the first year of the appraisal process will formulate targeted goals on the Teacher Self-Assessment and Goal-Setting Form and schedule an in-person goal-setting conference with his or her appraiser. After the conference, the teacher will submit his or her approved Goal-Setting and Professional Development Plan to the appraiser using the District's online T-TESS document system.

A returning teacher will review the goal(s) and professional development plan established at the end-of-the year conference and student performance data to determine if changes are needed. The teacher will submit to the appraiser his or her approved Goal-Setting and Professional Development Plan within the first six weeks of the school year.

Implementation of Goals

Each teacher will regularly monitor progress toward his or her goals. If the teacher feels the goals need to be modified, the teacher should make an appointment with his or her appraiser. During the post-conference, goal progress may also be revisited at the discretion of the evaluator. At any time the teacher may schedule an appointment with his or her appraiser to discuss individual progress toward his or her goals or obtain additional support.

Student Learning Objective

Beginning with the 2018–19 school year, the District will implement the Student Learning Objective (SLO), which will consist of identifying the teacher's content area for focus, skill focus, and the TEKS correlated to skills. Teachers will track student progress, which will be rated as the 17th dimension of the T-TESS process.


The purpose of a pre-conference is for the appraiser and teacher to mutually discuss the upcoming formative observation with a focus on the interrelationships between planning, instruction, the learning environment, and student outcomes. The pre-conference will be conducted within ten business days of an announced observation.

The pre-conference will provide the teacher an opportunity to demonstrate his or her knowledge and skills for the planning domain and its correlating dimensions. The conference is primarily focused on the upcoming observation and what the teacher has planned to ensure that the instructional objective(s) are met.

Formal Observation

The teacher will be formally observed in the classroom one time unless the appraiser deems additional observations to be necessary. A classroom observation will be an instructional period or a complete lesson within an instructional period that consists of a minimum of 45 minutes of instruction.

By mutual, written consent between the appraiser and the teacher, the required minimum of 45 minutes of observation may be conducted in shorter time segments. The time segments must aggregate to at least 45 minutes.

Each teacher may have additional observations or walk-throughs that provide actionable, timely feedback, which will allow the teacher to make efficient and contextual professional development choices to help refine practice. If data gathered during the additional observation or walk-through will impact the teacher's summative appraisal rating, a written summary will be shared with the teacher within ten working days after the completion of the additional observation or walk-through.


The formal observation for a teacher's appraisal will be announced by date and time or by providing a window for the formal observation.

The District will establish an appraisal calendar each year, and provide the calendar to teachers within the first three weeks of the school year.


All observations will include an in-person post-conference within ten working days of the observation.

The overall purpose of the post-conference is to provide a teacher an opportunity to self-reflect on the execution of his or her lesson, including the impact on student performance. The results will be used to inform and guide the teacher regarding future practices and growth.

End-of-Year Conference

The end-of-year conference will be held at least 15 days prior to the last day of instruction to discuss overall performance for the year. End-of-year conferences are mandatory.

Each teacher will provide his or her appraiser with an update regarding the professional goals and development plan that were developed at the beginning of the year.

Preliminary Goal Setting and Planning for the Following School Year

Following the end-of-year conference, the appraiser and teacher will discuss how the current year self-assessment and goal-setting process will continue into the next school year for continuous improvement, including professional development to support learning.

Summative Annual Appraisal Report

A written summative annual appraisal report will be provided to the teacher within ten working days of the conclusion of the end-of-year conference. The report will be shared with the teacher no later than 15 working days before the last day of instruction for students. The written summative annual appraisal report will be placed in the teacher's personnel file by the end of the appraisal period.

Summative Appraisal Score

Each teacher will be given a rating for each of the 16 T-TESS dimensions; the SLO will be counted as the 17th dimension, with no additional weight.

If a second appraisal is requested, the following calculation will be used:


Each teacher will be appraised by a certified appraiser. If the certified appraiser is not the teacher's supervisor, the appraiser will be selected from the list of certified appraisers approved by the Board.

Second Appraiser

A teacher may request a second appraiser within ten working days of receiving a written observation summary or a written summative annual appraisal report by contacting the Human Resources department. If a teacher requests a second appraisal by another certified District appraiser, the second appraiser will be determined in accordance with the following:

Teacher Response and Rebuttal

A teacher may submit a written response or rebuttal within ten working days of receiving a written observation summary, a written summative annual appraisal report, or any other written documentation associated with the teacher's appraisal.


Complaints regarding a teacher appraisal should be addressed in accordance with DGBA(LOCAL).

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LDU 2018.15

DATE ISSUED: 10/4/2018