Earning Credit Through Credit by Examination Without Prior Instruction

The Department of Curriculum and Instruction will annually establish the schedule for tests to be offered during the school year. [See EHDC(EXHIBIT)] Each examination for acceleration will cover the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for the content areas at the elementary level and for the course at the secondary level.

To advance to the next grade, an elementary or middle school student must score at least an 80 percent mastery of the essential knowledge and skills for each of the four content areas (language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies).


A high school student must score at least an 80 percent mastery on each of the essential knowledge and skills tests to receive one credit for a two-semester course. A high school student who scores at least an 80 percent mastery on only one semester exam will receive 0.5 credit for that course.

A student who earns a score indicating mastery of at least 80 percent for an elective course will receive credit, and the score will be recorded on the student's permanent record. A score of less than 80 percent mastery will not be recorded on the student's permanent record nor will credit be granted.


A middle school student may not request fewer than the four required exams to advance to the next grade. A student may not receive or be granted credit through credit by examination without prior instruction for a course or grade level in which the student was previously or is currently enrolled unless imposed by the campus attendance committee. [See FEC]


In order for a student to take an examination for acceleration, the student and the student's parent or guardian must first consult with the school counselor. The counselor will explain the process, determine availability of examinations, and review the student's eligibility. For counseling purposes only, the counselor may choose to administer a released state assessment to assist in determining the student's likely success.

In order to take one or more examinations for acceleration, the student must provide written consent from the parent or guardian and obtain approval from the appropriate administrator. The counselor will determine whether the application is complete and all deadlines have been met.

Testing Windows

The testing windows will be the following:

Principal's Responsibility

The campus principal will be responsible for granting credit and ensuring the credit is properly recorded on the student's permanent record.

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LDU 2019.02

DATE ISSUED: 6/21/2019