Dual Credit

A student in grade 11 or 12 may enroll in dual credit classes provided he or she has met the criteria outlined in the District Dual Credit Guide. Only two dual credit courses will be allowed per semester. Withdrawal from a dual credit course must also follow the criteria outlined in the guide. The course will be provided free to the student and all texts for the course will be provided by the campus.


Once a student is enrolled in a dual credit course, the District strongly encourages the student to continue in the course. Withdrawal from the class will not be permitted after the first six weeks of the high school academic calendar. The student and his or her parent or guardian should be aware that a withdrawal may adversely affect the student's future financial aid consideration, as well as his or her academic standing with the college.

If a student must, for good cause, withdraw from the class on or before the official El Paso Community College drop date, a grade of 70 for the six-week period will be recorded when the student enrolls in a regular high school course, unless the student has a higher grade in the dual credit class. The decision must be made by the student, the parent, and the counselor. In order for the course to be dropped, the parent must complete an agreement for the withdrawal for the student's file, and the student must complete and sign a drop form for the college.

Clint ISD


LDU 2012.02

DATE ISSUED: 3/16/2012