Opt-Out Implications

A parent or guardian who refuses to allow his or her child to participate in state-mandated assessments must submit this decision in writing to the school principal. A subsequent letter will be provided to the parent explaining the implications for such decisions. This letter is not considered to be an authorization for a test exemption request.

If a student is present during the state test administration and chooses not to test, a blank answer document—coded with an "S" for score—will be submitted for scoring as required by the state. The student will receive a raw score of zero and the lowest possible scale score for the grade/subject.

If a student is absent during the entire state test administration, the student will be marked absent. Such designation does not impact the school or the District regarding performance calculations, but will impact participation rates on the test.

Additionally, all Student Success Initiative (SSI) grade advancement requirements will still apply to students enrolled in grades 5 and 8.

Any student who does not participate in state-mandated assessments at the request of his or her parent or guardian will not be subject to negative consequences or disciplinary action.


All District personnel will comply with the requirements specified in Texas Education Agency (TEA) test administration materials for state assessments and local guidelines.

Use of Cell Phones and Other Electronic Devices

The use or possession of cell phones or any other unapproved electronic devices by students or test administrators in a testing environment will not be permitted. Procedures regarding cell phones during testing are as follows:

Student cell phones and other unapproved electronic devices will be collected by the test administrator prior to testing and will be returned to the owners after testing has been completed for the day.

Test administrators' cell phones or unapproved electronic devices will be turned off in any secure testing environment during the test administration and not utilized. An electronic device disclaimer will be signed by all students and test administrators prior to each test administration.

Use or possession of a cell phone or any other unapproved electronic device during the administration of any test will be regarded as cheating, and the student's test will be invalidated (the test will not be scored), with appropriate disciplinary action to follow.

Students and test administrators will sign the "CISD Electronic Disclaimer" prior to each test administration, confirming cell phones or any other unapproved electronic device will not be utilized or possessed in a secure testing environment.

Clint ISD


LDU 2016.04

DATE ISSUED: 4/20/2016