Cumulative Records

A student's cumulative record must contain the following:

Demographic card;

TEA-approved academic record;

Birth certificate copy;

Social security card copy;

Test scores for all appropriate tests;

GT packet (if applicable);

Language survey (if applicable);

Bilingual/ESL packet (if applicable);

Legal documents needed for guardianship information;

Proof of residence;

Transfer documents; and

Leaver code documentation.

A student's special education record is maintained separate and apart from the cumulative record. It is the responsibility of the sending school to ensure that all academic folders contain only the materials listed above.

Request for Records

A parent or an adult student (18 years of age or older) may request the student's academic record from the school, if the student was in attendance at the school within the last two years, or from the District Office by presenting proper identification to the Office of Records Management. The student will be charged a fee of $2 for a records request.

Release of Directory Information

A campus may release only directory information to a person making a request. This is information normally found in the yearbook or in press releases.

Directory information consists of student name, address, current grade, participation in officially recognized activities and sports, height and weight of athletic teams, photograph, athletic performance, awards received, and the most recently academic institution attended.

No other information may be released to anyone except the parent or legal guardian.

Clint ISD


LDU 2012.03

DATE ISSUED: 4/13/2012