District-affiliated school-support organizations and booster organizations, and other parent groups, shall organize, fundraise or solicit donations, and function in a way that is consistent with the District's philosophy and objectives, Board policies, District administrative regulations, applicable UIL or other governing association guidelines, and financial and audit regulations. [See also CDC and CFC]

Before engaging in fundraising or soliciting gifts, an organization or group shall notify the principal or other appropriate administrator identified in administrative regulations. [See CDC(LOCAL) for District acceptance of gifts and solicitations]

Use of District Facilities

District-affiliated school-support or booster organizations may use District facilities with prior approval of the appropriate administrator. Other parent groups may use District facilities in accordance with policy GKD.

Financial Disclosure

Upon request, any parent-teacher organization, booster organization, or other such group operating pursuant to this policy that collects dues or solicits funds shall submit to the District a financial report and supporting documentation. The administration shall review the report and documentation at no expense to the group.

The group shall promptly respond to any inquiries or criticisms raised and shall, if requested, submit to a professional audit by the District's auditors at the expense of the group. If the group is unwilling to comply, or in the event of the group's failure or refusal to remedy financial improprieties, or for other good cause, the Board may deny that group the right to use the name of the District or any of its schools or school-sponsored activities. The Board may take further steps as it deems necessary to sever relations with that group and dispel any appearance of District relations with that group.

Nothing in this policy or in the auditor's review process shall be construed as assumption of responsibility by the District or its auditors for the financial affairs or governance of any group.

Specific Guidelines

Parent/booster organizations shall function under the following guidelines:

The Superintendent and/or principal have veto power over any action of a school-related club or organization.

School-related organizations have no authority to direct any school employee in any of his or her duties. Further, the organizations have no authority to guide, direct, or establish guidelines for any school or student activity.

All meetings of school-related organizations shall be public meetings.

All individuals who legally reside in the District are eligible for membership. Election of officers shall be on a systematic basis so that any eligible person may be nominated.

If any organization approved by the Board disbands, ceases to operate, chooses to withdraw from association with the District, or fails to be re-approved by the Board, all funds and property of the organization shall become the property of the District. [See CFD]

Booster clubs shall abide by the UIL guidelines and the administration shall determine which organizations will be considered as "booster." In order to avoid violation of the amateur rule, money given to the school may not be earmarked for any particular request. The booster club may suggest or recommend how the club would like the money spent, but may not require the Superintendent or principal to spend the money in any certain way. All monetary gifts shall be spent in a way that does not violate UIL guidelines.

Any organization operating under these guidelines that, in the opinion of the school administration, does not adhere to the District policies and any regulations established by the school administration or by the Board may be disbanded and shall cease to be recognized by the Board as a legitimate school-related club or organization.

Clint ISD



DATE ISSUED: 2/1/2017