Law Enforcement Investigations

The campus administration will cooperate with a reasonable request for a lawful investigation by:

Requesting proper identification of the law enforcement officer;

Requesting the subpoena, court order, or warrant; or the officer may take the child into custody and conduct the interview of the child at the police/sheriff station; and

Filling out the proper form for interrogation if the above documents are presented.

The law enforcement officer may take a student into custody with a court order when probable cause exists, when he or she follows the laws of arrest, or when the student has violated the Penal Code.

The campus administration will make every reasonable effort to notify the parent or legal guardian.


When a law enforcement officer arrests or takes a student into custody, the campus administration will:

Verify that the law enforcement officer has the authority to arrest;

Verify that the law enforcement officer has the appropriate documents;

Complete the proper form when a student is taken into custody;

Deliver the student to the officer;

Notify the assistant superintendent of administration by e-mailing a copy of the custody form; and

Notify the parent unless the arresting officer has raised valid objections to the notification of the parents at that time.

Child Protective Services Interviews

When a representative of Child Protective Services needs to interview a child, the campus administration will follow these procedures:

Ask for identification and document the name and identification number of the CPS representative;

Before contacting the parent, ask whether the CPS representative approves calling the parent;

Ask for an administrator or counselor to be present at the interview;

Maintain confidentiality;

Provide a quiet, private place for the interview; and

Unless the child is in imminent danger to himself or others, provide only directory information unless the CPS representative presents a subpoena or court order for release of records.

The campus administration will sign the witness statement for the interview.

Clint ISD


LDU 2012.04

DATE ISSUED: 3/22/2012