Nondiscrimination — in General

  1. Race, color, or national origin;
  2. Sex;
  3. Religion;
  4. Age (applies to individuals who are 40 years of age or older);
  5. Disability; or
  6. Genetic information [see DAB].

Business Necessity Defense

  1. Is not intentionally devised or operated to contravene the Texas Commission on Human Rights Act; and
  2. Is justified by business necessity.

Bankruptcy Discrimination

Student Loan Repayment

  1. Denying the person's application for a license or license renewal;
  2. Suspending the person's license; or
  3. Taking other disciplinary action against the person.

Job Qualification

Employment Postings


Age Discrimination

Bona Fide Employee Benefit Plan

Sex Discrimination



Equal Pay

Religious Discrimination

Disability Discrimination

Discrimination Based on Lack of Disability

Definition of Disability

  1. An actual disability: a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more of an individual's major life activities;
  2. A record of having such an impairment; or
  3. Being regarded as having such an impairment.

"Regarded as" Having an Impairment

Mitigating Measures

Other Definitions

Reasonable Accommodations

  1. Making existing facilities used by employees readily accessible to and usable by individuals with disabilities; and
  2. Job restructuring, part-time or modified work schedules, reassignment to a vacant position, acquisition or modification of equipment or devices, appropriate adjustment or modification of examinations, training materials or policies, the provision of qualified readers or interpreters, and other similar accommodations for individuals with disabilities.

Discrimination Based on Relationship

Illegal Drugs and Alcohol

Qualification Standards

Direct Threat to Health or Safety

Vision Standards and Tests

Communicable Diseases

Service Animals

Military Service

Grievance Procedures

Title IX

Compliance Coordinator

Title IX

Morgan Mill ISD



DATE ISSUED: 7/15/2020