It is the mission of the Board to inspire and equip students to pursue futures beyond what they can imagine. Therefore, the District's grading practices shall reflect the Board's Core Beliefs and Commitments in an effort to provide all students with the necessary support for their success. Grading is a method used to report student achievement. Grades represent the student's level of mastery of the District objectives. When making professional decisions during the grading process, teachers shall engage in grading practices that are fair to students and avoid adversely impacting students through the teacher's discretionary judgment.


The District shall not issue a certificate of coursework completion to a student who fails to meet all state and local requirements for graduation. [See EIF, FMH]


When a student earns a passing grade in only one semester of a two-semester course and the combined grade for the two semesters is lower than 70, the District shall award the student credit for the semester with the passing grade. The student shall be required to retake only the semester in which he or she earned the failing grade.

The student may choose to retake the entire course, especially where the course is a prerequisite for a higher level course, or the course is a foundational course upon which higher level courses build. All semester averages, including the failed semester, shall be used in the calculation of the student's grade point average. Students may not receive credit for the same semester more than once.

Fort Bend ISD


LDU 2016.03

DATE ISSUED: 3/10/2016