The Board encourages students to participate in activities, including fundraising efforts, designed to serve and support others. The Board believes that such participation contributes to the students' overall development as servant leaders and compassionate citizens. Furthermore, the Board believes student participation in fundraising efforts to support the cost of learning experiences and co/extra-curricular activities is one way students can demonstrate ownership of and responsibility for their learning.

Student Fundraising

Approved student fundraising shall be defined as fundraising whereby the fundraising is sanctioned by the Superintendent or designee and coordinated by FBISD staff and/or administrators serving in an advisor or sponsor capacity.

Student fundraising shall support the District's Mission, Vision, and Core Beliefs and Commitments. [See AE (LOCAL)] Students representing their school or the District may participate in approved fundraising to benefit the District or a non-school, charitable organization.

The Superintendent shall establish administrative procedures regarding student fundraising. Administrative Procedures shall include the guidelines and process for fundraising approval and shall be posted on the District website so they are readily available to students.

Student participation in fundraising shall be voluntary and shall not be permitted during class time. [See EC]

Fundraising through the sale of foods and beverages that could be consumed during the school day shall meet the requirements for competitive foods unless the District allows an exception from the competitive food requirement, as permitted by state and federal law. [See CO and FFA]

Fort Bend ISD


LDU 2018.04

DATE ISSUED: 5/4/2018