Recognizing the increasingly important role that volunteers play in education as they help to promote a school/community partnership and enrich curriculum, the Board encourages the utilization of volunteers in District schools to complement and supplement District staff in providing educational programs.

Volunteers may be used in the schools to assist teachers with routine and clerical matters. In some cases, a volunteer shall supplement a teacher's work through the volunteer's special resources.


Adults, 18 years of age and older, may serve as volunteers. Since volunteer qualifications vary with the needs of individual schools, the Superintendent shall establish guidelines to ensure volunteers are placed in areas they can serve best.


A volunteer in the school shall work directly under the supervision of the principal or campus coordinator designated by the principal of a school to which the volunteer is assigned. Upon arriving at the school, the volunteer shall register through the Raptor System at the receptionist's desk and shall follow the established guidelines for volunteers.

Criminal history

The District shall obtain criminal history records of all adults, 18 years of age and older, engaged in direct and extended contact with students both during and after school hours, whether with or without direct monitoring by District employees. The criminal history background check shall remain effective for the school year during which the application is made and must be renewed annually.

A volunteer who refuses the District's request for a criminal history background check shall be prohibited from volunteering in any capacity.

Prior to performing volunteer work

No person shall be allowed to perform any volunteer work on District premises without prior approval of the principal.

Fort Bend ISD


LDU 2011.11

DATE ISSUED: 1/13/2012