By School Officials

Administrators, teachers, and other professional personnel may question a student regarding the student's own conduct or the conduct of other students. In the context of school discipline, students have no claim to the right not to incriminate themselves.

By Police or Other Authorities

For provisions pertaining to student questioning by law enforcement officials or other lawful authorities, see GRA(LOCAL).

Lockers and Vehicles

Students have full responsibility for the security of their lockers, and for vehicles parked on school property. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that lockers and vehicles are locked and that the keys and combinations are not given to others. Students shall not place, keep, or maintain any article or material that is forbidden by District policy in lockers or in vehicles parked on school property.

School officials may search lockers or vehicles parked on school property if there is reasonable cause to believe that they contain articles or materials prohibited by District policy. Students shall be responsible for any prohibited items found in their lockers or in vehicles parked on school property.

If a vehicle subject to search is locked, the student shall be asked to unlock the vehicle. If the student refuses, the District shall contact the student's parents. If the parents also refuse to permit a search of the vehicle, the District may turn the matter over to local law enforcement officials.

Use of Trained Dogs

The District shall use specially trained nonaggressive dogs to sniff out and alert officials to the current presence of concealed prohibited items, illicit substances defined in FNCF(LEGAL), and alcohol. This program is implemented in response to drug- and alcohol-related problems in District schools, with the objective of maintaining a safe school environment conducive to education.

Such visits to schools shall be unannounced. The dogs shall be used to sniff vacant classrooms, vacant common areas, the areas around student lockers, and the areas around vehicles parked on school property. The dogs shall not be used with students. If a dog alerts to a locker, a vehicle, or an item in a classroom, it may be searched by school officials. Searches of vehicles shall be conducted as described above.


At the beginning of the school year, the District shall inform students of the District's policy on searches, as outlined above, and shall specifically notify students that:

  1. Lockers may be sniffed by trained dogs at any time.
  2. Vehicles parked on school property may be sniffed by trained dogs at any time.
  3. Classrooms and other common areas may be sniffed by trained dogs at any time when students are not present.
  4. If contraband of any kind is found, the possessing student shall be subject to appropriate disciplinary action in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct.

Parent Notification

The student's parent or guardian shall be notified if any prohibited articles or materials are found in a student's locker, in a student's vehicle parked on school property, or on the student's person, as a result of a search conducted in accordance with this policy.

Stafford Municipal School District



DATE ISSUED: 4/10/1996