Degree-Seeking Students

Recommended Course Sequence

  1. Identify all required lower-division courses for each certificate or degree program, if applicable;
  2. Include for each course, if applicable:
    1. The Texas Common Course Numbering System (TCCNS) course number; and
    2. The course equivalent in the Lower-Division Academic Course Guide Manual (ACGM);
  3. Be designed to enable a full-time student to obtain a certificate or degree, as applicable, within two years for a 60-hour degree or certificate program, four years for a 120-hour degree program, or a comparable time frame, for an approved certificate or degree program that requires credit hours other than those specified in this item; and
  4. Include at least one specific sequence in which courses should be taken to ensure completion of the applicable program within the time frame described by item 3.

Submission to Coordinating Board

  1. Recommended course sequences must identify all courses required for completion by a student to attain each undergraduate certificate or degree; and
  2. For all courses that an institution includes in a recommended course sequence, the institution must identify the ACGM courses, as appropriate, using the TCCNS course numbers and rubrics.


Compensatory Courses

Alternative Methods of Program Mastery for Military Members

  1. Have graduated from high school or received the equivalent of a high school diploma;
  2. Satisfy the minimum active military service obligation to the Texas military forces for a degree plan as follows:
    1. For an associate degree, two years of service;
    2. For a baccalaureate degree, four years of service; and
    3. For a graduate degree, six years of service; and
  3. Complete and meet the standards of the degree plan.

Low-Producing Degree Programs



College of the Mainland



DATE ISSUED: 11/30/2021