Mission Statement

Knowledge Creates Opportunities

The staff, parents, and community of the High Island Independent School District must have equal opportunity to benefit from a quality instructional program. Students will have a well-balanced, assessed curriculum with goals and objectives clearly stated and effectively taught. The instructional program will be meaningful, organized, and monitored. Students will be provided with a physically and emotionally safe place to learn. The school will be clean, pleasant, and orderly. Mutual respect will exist between staff members, students, and parents.

The staff members, students, and parents share the responsibility for success in school. Students, with parental help, will be expected to exhibit a positive attitude toward learning in relation to attendance, behavior, preparation, and performance. Students will be expected to learn the essential elements, academic and social skills taught in the classroom, and demonstrate mastery on state-mandated tests. Higher levels of academic achievement are anticipated as students develop independent learning skills and accept greater educational challenges.

The staff members of the High Island Independent School District are committed to the teaching/learning of all students. Teachers have a responsibility for promoting students' achievement and will employ effective classroom management in instructional strategies. Teachers will be good role models and will motivate and challenge students to excel. Students' progress will be reported accurately, tactfully, and in a timely manner.

Vision Statement

High Island ISD has high expectations for its students and characterizes its efforts to result in academic excellence, educational equality, and productive living for their future.

High Island ISD



DATE ISSUED: 8/1/2005