Mission Statement

The mission of Texas City Independent School District is to develop students to their fullest potential so they may become responsible, productive citizens in a rapidly changing multicultural society.

Inherent within this mission is the belief that all students will learn.

The District recognizes the need for a cooperative effort among parents, students, educators and the community. Such shared commitment will make a difference in the lives of the students.

Racial and Ethnic Equity

District students deserve a safe and respectful learning environment in which their cultural, racial, and ethnic diversity is valued and in which they receive an education that maximizes their potential for future success. The District recognizes that significant historical and societal factors have created institutional barriers and resulted in educational inequity.

Accordingly, the District shall work intentionally to:

To advance racial and ethnic equity in the educational setting and improve academic achievement for all District students, the Board establishes the following goals and strategies to achieve the goals:

  1. The District shall provide every student with equitable access to high-quality curricula, supports, facilities, and other educational resources, even when this means differentiating resource allocation.
  2. The District shall provide multiple pathways and opportunities for success to meet the needs of the diverse student body and shall work with students and families to identify barriers to success.
  3. The District shall not tolerate lower academic achievement for any student racial or ethnic group compared to peers.
  4. The District shall regularly review disaggregated data and evaluate practices that result in disproportionate representation of any racial or ethnic group in specific areas or programs, including special education services, advanced academic opportunities, extracurricular programs, and gifted and talented programs.
  5. The District shall regularly review disaggregated data and evaluate practices that result in disproportionate representation of any racial or ethnic group in disciplinary referrals and shall work to eliminate loss of instructional time due to disciplinary actions.
  6. The District shall actively work to encourage advanced academic opportunities for all students and shall regularly review disaggregated data and evaluate course and program enrollment processes to ensure no inequitable impact on any racial or ethnic group.
  7. The District shall give all employees and students the opportunity to develop critical racial, ethnic, and cultural competence so they may understand the contexts in which they teach, work, and learn.
  8. The District shall create opportunities for students, families, and community members—including persons of color and persons whose first language is not English—for leadership development and empowerment as partners in education planning and decision-making.
  9. The District shall create a school climate that reflects its values of educational equity and cultural responsiveness.
  10. The District shall model racial and ethnic equity in business and operational practices.
  11. The District shall include educational partners who have demonstrated culturally specific expertise in meeting educational outcomes.
  12. The District shall prioritize cultural responsiveness and educational equity in reviews of the curriculum, instructional practices and programs, local assessment design, codes of conduct, extracurricular activities, and other programs that affect student achievement.
  13. The District shall provide ongoing, research-based professional development to develop employees' skills and knowledge regarding cultural competency and ability to address racial and ethnic disparities in educational opportunity and achievement.
  14. The District shall recruit and retain a diverse and culturally responsive workforce and shall regularly examine recruiting, employment, placement, advancement, and retention of persons from under-represented racial and ethnic groups at all organizational levels.

The Board shall hold the Superintendent, staff, and Board members accountable for implementing this policy. The Superintendent shall develop procedures to implement this policy and metrics to measure achievement of the stated goals and shall provide updates to the Board yearly.

Texas City ISD


LDU 2020.05

DATE ISSUED: 10/22/2020