Committee of the Whole

The Board shall perform its work, insofar as is practicable, as a Committee of the Whole in deliberation of matters pending before the Board. However, standing committees and/or special committees shall be authorized, as follows, to serve only in an advisory capacity to the Committee of the Whole. Board committees shall be established to meet specific needs. They will be few in number to avoid creating a burden to trustees and staff.

Committee Functions

Board committees shall be fact-finding, deliberative, and advisory, but not administrative. Special and standing committees shall report their findings to the Board for appropriate action.

The Board recognizes that to derive benefit from use of committees, every reasonable effort must be made by the entire Board to avoid duplication of the effort of committees.

Official Board actions that affect policy and operation of the District may occur only in regularly constituted meetings of the Board. Committee recommendations do not become policy unless and until they are adopted by the Board.


The composition of the standing and special committees of the Board are detailed in the team operating procedures.


The role of the standing and special committees shall be limited to the finding of fact and formulation of recommendations for action by the Board. In this capacity, the committees shall have authority, under the conditions described in BBE(LOCAL), to request and receive any records, reports, or other documentation deemed necessary by the committee in fulfillment of its charge.


Meetings of the standing and special committees to formulate recommendations for the disposition of matters pending before the Board shall comply with the notice and meeting requirements of the Open Meetings Act and shall be posted as work sessions. The agenda for each meeting shall be prepared in advance of the meeting by the assigned staff member and the chairperson, submitted to the Superintendent and Board President for information, then distributed to all Board members. Meetings of the standing and special committees shall be held only when a quorum, consisting of two of the committee members, including ex officio members, are present, and will generally be held on a monthly basis.

Committee members shall not vote on issues before the committee; recommendations shall be made based on a consensus of the members.

Minutes shall be kept and distributed to all Board members and the Superintendent within a reasonable time prior to the next Board meeting.

Clear Creek ISD


LDU 2021.08

DATE ISSUED: 10/8/2021