The purpose of the energy management policy is to improve the working and learning environment for District employees, students, and parent/citizen volunteers by using energy more efficiently resulting in controlling and reducing energy costs, as well as saving limited natural resources.


The District is responsible for ensuring that every effort is made to conserve energy and natural resources as a component of sound financial management.


The implementation of this policy is the joint responsibility of all those affected by it: the Board, administration, support personnel, teachers, students, volunteers, and others who use the facilities.


Objectives of the policy include:

Provide a comfortable and healthy environment in which to work and/or learn for employees, students, and volunteers at the lowest possible cost.

Track energy consumption and implement better energy management practices that result in reductions in energy consumption.

Raise the level of energy conservation awareness among employees, students, and volunteers through education and increase energy conservation practice.


The following guidelines shall apply:

The energy program will be administered by the energy manager.

The campus administrator shall be accountable for yearly energy management evaluations on his or her campus/facility with annual energy consumption reviews and the implementation of conservation programs within his or her organization.

Judicious use of the various energy systems on each campus shall be the responsibility of the administrator and head custodian to ensure that an efficient energy posture is maintained on a daily basis.

Each campus/department shall form a campus conservation committee of three or more people responsible for implementing the energy plan for that location. These plans should note specific strategies that will be implemented and the involvement of students, when applicable, and their role in energy management.

Clear Creek ISD



DATE ISSUED: 7/25/2005