Compliance with Law

The Superintendent shall establish procedures that ensure that all school facilities within the District comply with applicable laws and local building codes.

Construction Contracts

The Board delegates to the Superintendent or designee the authority to determine, prior to advertising, the project delivery/contract award method to be used for each construction contract valued at or above $50,000. [See CV series generally and CBB(LEGAL) for requirements if federal funds are involved.]

For construction contracts valued at or above $50,000, the Superintendent shall submit the resulting contract to the Board for approval. Lesser expenditures for construction and construction-related materials or services shall be at the discretion of the Superintendent and consistent with law and policy. [See also CH and CBB(LEGAL)]

Change Orders

Change orders permitted by law shall be approved prior to any changes being made in the approved plans or the actual construction of the facility.

The Superintendent shall be authorized to approve change orders authorized under Texas law. [See CV(LEGAL)] However, if any change order results in a contract exceeding the Board-approved budget for the project, the change order shall require Board approval.

Project Administration

All construction projects shall be administered by the Superintendent or designee.

The Superintendent shall keep the Board informed concerning construction projects and also shall provide information to the general public.

Final Payment

The District shall not make final payments for construction or the supervision of construction until the work has been completed and the Superintendent or designee has accepted the work.

Impact Fees

The District's boundaries encompass 13 municipalities and two counties over more than 100 square miles. Therefore, the Board shall avoid entering into any agreement consenting to the payment of municipal impact fees unless such agreement is financially advantageous for the students and stakeholders located in all municipalities and counties that are served by the District. For purposes of such a determination, the District's ability to obtain construction, use, or occupancy permits; the impact on the District's construction schedule; or the avoidance of financial pressure on the District shall be of no value or consideration.

Delegation of Authority to Superintendent

The following types of contracts and legal documents shall not require Board approval, and the Board delegates to the Superintendent the authority to execute these documents on behalf of the District as the property owner:

  1. Utility and other infrastructure easements or dedications for the provision of utility services to campus facilities;
  2. Utility commitment letters and service agreements with public utility providers; and
  3. Plats that do not convey public road easements or right-of-way dedications.

Clear Creek ISD



DATE ISSUED: 1/31/2019