Participation in extracurricular activities is a privilege, not a right. Students who participate in extracurricular activities are viewed as role models and are held to a higher standard of conduct including dress and grooming standards, than the student body at large. As representatives of the District, students in grades 6–12 who participate in extracurricular activities are expected to demonstrate exemplary behavior and dedication.

Before a student is suspended or removed from participation in an extracurricular activity, and before any other consequence is imposed as provided in this policy, the alleged infraction of the rule shall be documented and a reasonable investigation of the allegation shall occur. The principal or designee shall then schedule a conference with the student and the student's parent to explain the reasons for which the action is being taken and to offer the student an opportunity to present his or her side. The principal shall make all final disciplinary action decisions.

Students participating in extracurricular activities shall abide by FM(REGULATION), Extracurricular Student Activities Rules of Conduct.

Extracurricular Activity Absences

The District shall allow a student a maximum of 17 absences for participation in an extracurricular activity sponsored or sanctioned by the District, UIL, or an organization sanctioned by the Board.

[For eligibility of private school students, including homeschool students, to participate in extracurricular activities, see FD(LOCAL).]

Use of District Facilities

School-sponsored student groups may use District facilities with prior approval of the appropriate administrator. Other student groups may use District facilities in accordance with policy FNAB.

School Sponsorship

Groups or clubs sponsored by the school shall adhere to the following guidelines:

The sponsor shall be a District employee.

All financial accounts and files shall be kept in the principal's office.

The constitution and/or bylaws shall be approved by the principal.

An annual budget shall be filed with the principal detailing revenue and expenditures.

All activities shall have prior approval of the principal and shall be placed on the activities calendar and the fund-raising calendar.

Alcohol- or drug-related paraphernalia shall not be sold or distributed to or by students. This includes, but is not limited to, stemware, candles in stemware, bottle openers, lanyards with drug or alcohol promotions, and the like.

The sponsor report for student organizations listing membership and officer requirements shall be filed in the principal's office.

Clear Creek ISD


LDU 2016.03

DATE ISSUED: 9/29/2016