The District's dress code is established to teach grooming and hygiene, instill discipline, prevent disruption, avoid safety hazards, teach respect for authority, and prepare students for the future. Students whose religious beliefs require exemptions from the District's dress code in any way may be granted an exemption, provided the student presents a written statement expressing a religious objection to the dress code that the District determines is bona fide.

General Guidelines

Students shall be dressed and groomed in a manner that is clean and neat and that will not be a health or safety hazard to themselves or others. The District prohibits any clothing or grooming that in the principal's judgment may reasonably be expected to cause disruption of or interference with normal school operations.

The District prohibits pictures, emblems, or writings on clothing that:

Are lewd, offensive, vulgar, or obscene.

Advertise or depict tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, drugs, or any items prohibited on campus.

The student and parent may determine the student's personal dress and grooming standards, provided they comply with the general guidelines set out above and with the student dress code outlined in the student handbook.

Clear Creek ISD


LDU 2019.05

DATE ISSUED: 7/24/2019