The Superintendent or designee is authorized to accept or reject any transfer requests, provided that such action is without regard to race, religion, color, sex, disability, national origin, or ancestral language.

Transfer Requests

The Superintendent shall review each case individually and may consider the student's discipline record, attendance record, class size, and campus enrollment. Transfer students may only be accepted into the District if approved by the Superintendent in accordance with the following guidelines:

  1. A student who has resided and attended school in the District for one consecutive year and becomes a nonresident during the year may continue to be enrolled in the District upon application and approval of the Superintendent. The student's application shall be reviewed by the Superintendent annually.
  2. A resident junior student who becomes a nonresident after successfully completing his or her junior year may be permitted to continue enrollment to complete his or her senior year upon approval of the principal and Superintendent.
  3. A nonresident student whose parents or guardians have a house under construction or have a contract for purchase of a house with a loan approved within District boundaries may be accepted as a transfer student. The parent or guardian shall submit a copy of the contract to purchase a house that states a proposed closing date (within the semester of attendance) and is signed by the builder/seller and buyers of the house.
  4. A nonresident student whose parents or guardians are in the process of leasing a residence within District boundaries may be accepted as a transfer student for up to 30 calendar days. If, at the end of 30 days, residence has not been established, the student shall be required to withdraw.
  5. The child of a nonresident full-time District employee or part-time professional District employee may be accepted as a transfer student. Full-time employees are defined as employees scheduled to work 30 or more hours per week, excluding overtime or supplemental duties.

Transfer Agreements

A transfer student shall be notified in the written transfer agreement that he or she must follow all rules and regulations of the District. Violation of the terms of the agreement may result in a transfer request not being approved the following year.


If the District charges tuition, the amount shall be set by the Board, within statutory limits.


The Board may waive tuition for a student based on financial hardship upon written application by the student, parent, or guardian. [See FP]


The District may initiate withdrawal of students whose tuition payments are delinquent.


For the purposes of this policy, residency shall be defined as the physical residence at which the student actually lives, keeps his or her personal possessions, sleeps, and intends to remain. For the purposes of this policy, a student can have only one residence.


Any appeals shall be made in accordance with FNG(LOCAL) and GF(LOCAL), as appropriate.

Friendswood ISD


LDU 2018.05

DATE ISSUED: 6/6/2018