Access to District Property

Authorized District officials, including school resource officers and District police officers if applicable, may refuse to allow a person access to property under the District's control in accordance with law.

District officials may request assistance from law enforcement in an emergency or when a person is engaging in behavior rising to the level of criminal conduct.

Ejection or Exclusion under Education Code 37.105

In accordance with Education Code 37.105, a District official shall provide a person refused entry to or ejected from property under the District's control written information explaining the right to appeal such refusal of entry or ejection under the District's grievance process.

A person appealing under the District's grievance process shall be permitted to address the Board in person within 90 days of filing the initial complaint, unless the complaint is resolved before the Board considers it. [See FNG and GF]

Crowd Control

The District shall implement the following crowd control procedures:

  1. The Superintendent shall approve all interscholastic contests. The school principal, assistant principal, athletic director, and/or the Superintendent's administrative assistant shall be the designated administrator(s) at all home contests and play-off games.
  2. Students, participants, staff members, and spectators shall be expected to conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner. Repeated failure to behave in a proper manner shall result in removal from the contest site.
  3. The Superintendent shall be responsible for initiating disciplinary measures against those guilty of violations.
  4. The administration shall ensure the safety of the officials by providing escorts to their dressing areas, to and from the playing field or court, and to the exit of the playing facility. Officials shall also be notified as to the identity of the designated administrators and where they will be located during the games.
  5. The administration shall provide strong supervision in the form of uniformed police at all high school athletic events and junior high school athletics as needed.
  6. At the beginning of each game, the announcer shall read a prepared statement concerning UIL regulations and the necessity for good sportsmanship.
  7. At the end of the game, the announcer shall read a prepared statement showing appreciation for the good sportsmanship displayed on the part of all fans and indicate the hope that they will drive carefully on their way home.
  8. The lights on the field shall be partially turned out as soon as possible, encouraging the crowd to leave.
  9. The parking lot shall be checked at least one time during each half.
  10. The designated administrator shall be responsible for meeting with the officials after the game and informing both schools by phone the next school day of any unsportsmanlike conduct of fans, players, and coaches, and any unprofessional behavior on the part of the officials. Written reports shall be sent to the Superintendents and principals of each school as soon as possible.
  11. In play-off games, both schools shall be responsible for security and for the behavior of their fans, players, and employees.

Off-Campus Activities

Employees shall be designated to ensure appropriate conduct of participants and others attending a school-related activity at non-District or out-of-District facilities. Those so designated shall coordinate their efforts with persons in charge of the facilities.


Tobacco and E-Cigarettes

The District prohibits smoking and the use of tobacco products and e-cigarettes on District property, in District vehicles, or at school-related activities.


The District prohibits the unlawful use, possession, or display of any firearm, location-restricted knife, club, or prohibited weapon, as defined at FNCG, on all District property at all times.


No violation of this policy occurs when:

  1. A Texas handgun license holder stores a handgun or other firearm in a locked vehicle in a parking lot, parking garage, or other parking area provided by the District, as long as the handgun or other firearm is not in plain view; or
  2. The use, possession, or display of an otherwise prohibited weapon takes place as part of a District-approved activity supervised by proper authorities. [See FOD]

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DATE ISSUED: 11/18/2019