Meetings, Conferences, and Workshops

Professional personnel may attend and participate in meetings, conferences, and workshops that will contribute to their professional growth and development.

When attendance at such events is recommended or required by the administration, the Board, TEA, or UIL, personnel may attend with the Superintendent's approval. No salary deduction or loss of leave shall occur when attendance is recommended or required.

The Superintendent may grant additional absences to employees for attendance at meetings, conferences, and workshops that are of special interest to the employee.

Release Time

Requests for release time with pay to attend employee organization meetings, other than any such meetings approved for required staff development purposes, shall be considered on a case-by-case basis. The responsibility for justifying the school-related purpose to be accomplished by attendance shall rest with the employee. Approval shall be given only if the employee is on the program, has some official function, or can obtain specific information related to his or her job description that will assist the District in improving the instructional program.

Professional Consulting

Employees invited to serve in a consultant or advisory capacity to other districts or professional groups may be employed in such a role subject to the approval of the Superintendent or designee. When the employee receives compensation for such services, one of the following options may be selected:

The day shall be designated as a personal business day. The employee shall not need to reimburse the cost of a substitute.

The day shall be designated as a professional leave day. The cost of a substitute shall be reimbursed to the District.

Sherman ISD



DATE ISSUED: 12/1/1993