Names selected for District facilities shall be meaningful to students and community members, be a source of pride, and reflect the traditions of the District.

Facilities Naming Committee

The Board shall appoint and approve a facilities naming committee. The committee shall consist of members who are residents of the District. Each member of the Board shall nominate one person for the committee. The Superintendent shall nominate any other members as necessary.

The Board shall appoint one of the members of the committee as chairperson. The chairperson shall serve as the liaison between the Board and the committee. The chairperson and all members of the committee shall serve at the discretion of the Board.

At least 90 days prior to the designated time the Board wishes to name a school or building, the chairperson shall organize and convene meetings of the committee and provide the recommended names and support material to the Board no later than the designated date.

The Board may request that the Superintendent solicit recommendations from staff, students, and the community, when the Board considers this process advisable.


The following guidelines shall be used in the naming of a school building or facility in the District:

A facility may be named for a person who has served the District or community, especially in service to children. A nominee shall have made significant contributions to the community and/or education and the nominee's name shall lend prestige and status to the institution of learning.

A facility may be named for a local residential or geographic area.

A facility to be named shall be a separate structure or campus and an existing facility or campus shall not be fragmented.

The committee shall recommend to the Board three names for consideration for each building, as needed. With each nominee, the committee shall provide a detailed background of the name and the reasons why it is being recommended.

The responsibility for the final decision when naming facilities shall rest with the Board. At a regularly scheduled meeting, the Board shall officially select a name from the list of recommendations submitted by the committee or shall request additional information.

Van Alstyne ISD


LDU 2016.05

DATE ISSUED: 12/22/2016