A parent of a student in kindergarten–grade 5 shall enroll his or her child in the attendance area in which the child resides.

Transfers between Elementary Schools

The Superintendent shall be authorized to investigate and approve transfers between schools.

The following shall pertain to the enrollment, attendance, and transfer of an elementary student in the District.

A parent or guardian who wishes to transfer his or her child from the elementary school in the attendance area in which the child resides to another elementary school within the District shall complete and submit a transfer request form to the Superintendent's office between May 1 and May 31. The request shall include a brief statement outlining the reasons for which the transfer is being requested. The transfer request form shall be forwarded to the principal of the requested school for consideration. Transfer requests shall be evaluated using criteria of enrollment capacity, prior attendance, student behavior, and other extenuating circumstances. The principal of the requested school shall notify the parent or guardian by mail whether the request is approved or denied.

A student who enrolls in the District outside of the May 1–May 31 window may file a transfer request with the Superintendent's office for consideration within five District business days.

A student accepted as a transfer student at a campus may be reassigned to his or her home attendance campus for the following reasons: the enrollment in the class to which the student is assigned exceeds the 22:1 student/teacher ratio; the student has excessive tardies or absences; and/or the student receives discipline referrals.

The District shall not provide school bus transportation for any student who attends school outside the attendance zone in which the student's residence is located.

In the event that the District requests that a parent or guardian transfer his or her child to another campus in order to meet the instructional needs of the student, transportation shall be provided by the District.

A child of an employee who works at a campus shall be given preference for a transfer to the campus at which the parent works. A student who transfers to the campus of his or her parent's employment shall meet campus behavior and attendance standards.

A transfer shall be approved on a one-year basis. A request shall be made each year in which a transfer is desired.

Class Changes

The campus principal shall be authorized to investigate and approve the transfer of a student from one classroom to another on that campus and to review and determine the educational soundness of a parent request to transfer a student from one classroom to another on that campus.


Complaints concerning intradistrict transfers or campus assignments shall be filed in accordance with FDB(LEGAL). However, the Board encourages the student and parent to pursue all administrative resolution channels established by policy FNG(LOCAL) prior to filing a petition with the Board so that a remedy can be pursued prior to this step. A complaint concerning classroom assignment shall be filed in accordance with FNG(LOCAL).

Note:For the transfer of a student who is the victim of bullying or who engaged in bullying, see FDB(LEGAL). For the transfer of a student who attends a persistently dangerous school, becomes a victim of a violent criminal offense, or becomes a victim of sexual assault, see FDE.

Van Alstyne ISD


LDU 2017.01

DATE ISSUED: 10/13/2017