Student Advancement

  1. The recommendation of the student's teacher;
  2. The student's grade in each subject or course;
  3. The student's score on an assessment instrument administered under Education Code 39.023(a), (b), or (l), to the extent applicable; and
  4. Any other necessary academic information, as determined by the district.

Advancement Requirements

Retention After Assessment

Parental Option to Retain

  1. Repeat prekindergarten;
  2. Enroll in prekindergarten, if the student would have been eligible to enroll in prekindergarten during the previous school year under Education Code 29.153(b) [see EHBG] and the student has not yet enrolled in kindergarten;
  3. Repeat kindergarten;
  4. Enroll in kindergarten, if the student would have been eligible to enroll in kindergarten in the previous school year and has not yet enrolled in first grade; or
  5. For grades 1 through 3, repeat the grade in which the student was enrolled during the previous school year.

Note: For provisions regarding retention of students in grades 4 through 8 and for courses taken for high school credit, see Education Code 28.02124(a-1)–(a-4). These provisions expire September 1, 2022.

Retention Committee

  1. The principal or the principal's designee;
  2. The student's parent or guardian;
  3. The teacher who taught the grade or course for which the parent wants the student retained or repeated; and
  4. Additional teachers at the discretion of the principal, if the student will potentially repeat multiple courses.
  1. Discuss the merits of and concerns with advancement and retention; and
  2. Review and consider the student's grade in each subject or course, the results of any formative or summative assessments administered to the student, and any other available academic information to determine the student's academic readiness for the next grade or a given course.

Retention Considerations

Transfer of Rights

Students with Dyslexia

Age-Appropriate Assignment

Optional Extended-Year Program

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DATE ISSUED: 11/3/2021