Extracurricular Activity Absences

The District shall make no distinction between absences for UIL activities and absences for other extracurricular activities approved by the Board. A student shall be allowed in a school year a maximum of ten extracurricular absences not related to post-district competition, a maximum of five absences for post-district competition prior to state, and a maximum of two absences for state competition.

Curricular and Cocurricular Activities

All students in the District shall be encouraged to participate in curricular and cocurricular activities. A student may not be denied the opportunity to participate in any one curricular or cocurricular activity at the exclusion of any other curricular or cocurricular activity.

Students shall suffer no penalty to grades, position, and the like because they choose to be involved in more than one activity.

Use of District Facilities

School-sponsored student groups may use District facilities with prior approval of the appropriate administrator. Other student groups may use District facilities in accordance with policy FNAB.

Kountze ISD



DATE ISSUED: 7/22/2004